Fulfill Your Appointment

Lay between your eyebrows and eyes ,
a lithe landscape ,
and my name and bones hidden in the grave ,
When all sounds flows moonlight .



When ghosts sob in the mountain at midnight ,
When mountain wind is cold as ice .



and the old rotten branches of hawtrees bend low ,
Come on , Let me fulfill the appointment :
To turn into a legendary butterfly ,
in the public eye .


Do you like these wall art ? This poem implied the meaning of these paintings incisively and vividly .

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Everything is coming to life ! Feeling the warm sunshine , enjoying the beautiful scenery , listening to the wonderful music , drinking the new tea , my mood is perfect and I have nothing else to desire .

Exotic Wall Mural Paintings That Will Blow Your Mind

In the London house of the founder of the textile and wallpaper factory Claude Cecil de Gournet, each room breathes exotic and bright landscapes, drawn by hand. The technique, which was originally intended as ways to restore old wallpaper, has evolved into a completely new aesthetic of art.

tropical interior wall art mural


Branches of a green weeping willow frames the living room of this extravagant house. The wall motif called Willow on the canvas of silver color is also repeated on organza curtains.

willow wall art murals curtain living room design ideas


The dining room is a very spacious and bright room, filled mainly with furniture and white decor, against which the scene from the Middle East stands out – an indisputable accent of the interior.

dining room interior wall art wall mural painting ideas


The bathroom itself could be the center of attention of the house. And the attention is centered on the decor of the walls – a vivid contrast of reproductions of the golden age of the Dutch school of painting with bamboo in the eastern theme.

bathroom decoration ideas bathroom designs wall decoration


In the owner’s bedroom, we see a bed, which is a replica of Napoleon’s bed and reproductions of Chinese table lamps.

bedroom design ideas wall art bedroom decoration inspirations


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Autumn Wall Murals

Golden yellow and maple red are the two types of color exclusive of  Autumn season. Imagine how wonderful it would be to bring in the fall to your house with stunning autumn wall murals!

autumn wall mural 2

wall mural birch forest scenery

wall framed watercolor painting

floral wall mural

autumn wall mural 5

floral tv wall mural  autumn wall mural 3

autumn wall mural 1


How I Turned My Old Little House into a Nordic Retreat

Classic white combined with rustic wooden furniture gives the house a touch of natural relaxed Nordic style.




The white curtains served as a divider between living room with bay window area, making it a quiet space for deep thinking and noon snap.


Right on the desk below the window, the little pots and vases and shelves can not only be used for storage, but also become a fun spot for decoration. Adorned with some freshly blossom flowers, it is so full of life.



The white wooden triangle roof, being its most significant trait, gives you the feeling of living in a cottage deep in the jungle. These modern framed wall art on the wall easily spruces up the blank wall and drag you back to modern days.


One corner of the house is reserved for working and study. The simple ceiling pendant lights give off a gentle yet warm light.

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That’s all for our home tour today. Stay tuned!

Inspirational Wall Art – What Lights Up Your Room

As to wall decoration, better leave it bare than meaningless. A wall could not kill our desire and heartbeat although it separates us from outside. Wall art is a way by which we express our faith, dream, aesthetic, or personal hobbies. We need inspirational wall decals aimed at getting courage or hope while faced with walls. When it comes to inspirational wall art, we firstly would think of inspirational wall quotes. Therefore, such invisible thing as inspiration could not only be embodied by words, but exist in many forms at any corner instead of limited to classroom or office.

Faith Wall Art

A famous saying goes: Faith is like WiFi, it’s invisible but it has the power to connect you to what you need. We might make it visible by putting it on wall. Many wall plans are closely related with one of these beliefs: Religion, animal worship, flower quotes, nature or idol. Just like national bird or flower of a country, each symbol has its inspiring reason which deserves human’s observation.

Bible Quote Wall Sticker

Religious Wall Art

A religion is an organized collection of beliefs, cultural systems, and world views that relate humanity to an order of existence. Each religion has its own symbols that aim to explain the meaning of life. Wall art turns out to be a typical media to reflect religious elements. For example, Cross wall decals or wallpaper with bible quotes are quite essential for Christian wall art, but Buddhist choose linden or Buddha wall art.

Buddha Wall Sticker


Animal Wall Art

Human read and learn some valuable spirits from animals. So many animal images appear on walls as model of mankind. Many animals are regarded as national totem.


  • Elephant Wall Sticker
  • Peacock Diamond Sticker
  • Snow Wolf Wall Decal
  • Lion 3D Wall Sticker
  • Tiger 3D Wall Sticker
  • inanimalimg6

Lion–Courage, Authority, Leadership, Honor

Tiger–Energy, Independence, Focus, Willpower, Silence, Determination

Wolf–Sharp Intelligence, Endurance, Teamwork, Freedom

Peacock–Beauty, Immortality, Pride, Nobility

Butterfly–Joy, Soul, Freedom, Love

Elephant–temperance, patience, chastity, Reliability

Flower Wall Art

The Language of Flowers:

Rose–Love, Promise

Orchid–Confidence, Beautiful strength

Lavender–Waiting for love, Gratitude

Fleur de Lis–Light, Freedom

Lotus–Purity, perfect, just the way you are

Sunflower–Happiness, Optimism

  • Lotus Wall Art Print
  • Lily Wall Art Print
  • Lavender Wall Art Print
  • Orchid Wall Art Print
  • Rose Wall Art print
  • Tulip Wall Art Print

Nature wall art

No one has been unimpressed by work of nature. Sometimes scenery is enough to control our emotion, and then nature wall art could be useful stuff to purify our heart.

  • Beach Wall Art Prints
  • Waterfall Wall Art Print
  • innatimg1
  • Pink Flower Lane Wall Sticker
  • Beach Wall Art Print
  • Sunset Wall Art Prints


The ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination and brings eternal joy to the soul.
— Wyland