American Modern Art

When I look at the artwork in life from wearing to using,which reminds me to consider that  how does the modern art come to America?I looked up some articles,I will answer your doubts.Imagination without skill gives us modern art.In the early 20 century,a new art movement was broken out in Eorope.Then Between about 1910 and 1930,some people realized the singnificance of this movement in United Stated.The art movement started to spread all over the world.


But most important in the spread of the modern movements in the United States was the sensational Armory Show of 1913 in New York,in which the artworks of many of the leading European artists were seen accompanying with works of a number of progressive American painters .11983126_1

Cubism as a new field of art is the greatest of these breakthroughts.Natural forms were borkendown analytically into geometrical shapes in Cubism. No longer was a clear differentiation made between the figure and the background of a painting:the objects represented and the surface on which they were painted became one . The cubins abandoned the conventional single vantage point of the view,and objects depicted from multiple viewpoints were shown at the same time.

I said this much for modern art.Let us appreciate the art in real life about bedding design of beddinginn.


A Surprise Rain On A Spring Night

Summer is coming , let us catch the tail of spring to enjoy a beautiful poem . The following is a Chinese poetry of Tang dynasty , the author is a famous poet in Chinese history—Du fu .




好雨知时节, 当春乃发生。





A Surprise Rain on a Spring Night

author : Du fu
The nice rain knows its proper time ,

It waits until the spring to fall .
With wind it slip into the dark night ,

Sliently , it nursing everything ,
The alley is covered by Big bank of clouds .

A river-skiff’s lone light still burns ,
We’ll see splendid of wet red in the dawn .

The flowers in town , weighed down with dewdrop .

Although the spring is over , we should let spring stay in our home forever.


Spring Inspired Decor: Easy Ways to Refresh Your Home

Spring came finally!

You could find her everywhere and in everything – in the first warm rays of the sun, in the blooming flowers, in the first sprouting tree leaves and grass, in the eyes and smiles of people …

Such a long-awaited arrival of spring naturally bring people to think about nature and paying tribute by bringing nature element into home.

Here we will show you the spring interiors …

The late March calls for bright purple and green hues and fresh flowers and leaves. With these colorful and pring themed bedding, wall art, and home decor accent item, we can feel the cool spring air leisurely at home.

Pale Green Iris Flower Print Bedding Sets

Purple 3D Flower Bedding Sets

butterfly and hydrangea print 3d bedding

All things colorful and bright symbolizes the arrival of spring.

Spring nature scene 3d print floral curtains

Open the window to let the eye refreshing view and air into your room. If your room is lack of a window, well, this creative 3d wall sticker come just handy.

Window View Lane in Forest Removable 3D Wall Stickers

Large Green Leaves Tree 3D Sticker

Spring is in the air with this enchanting wall mural of a captivating lake scene. A luscious green landscape full of brilliant wildflowers, creates a gorgeous backdrop on the bathroom wall.
Lake scene floral bathroom wall mural

This elegant yet joyous sofa cover is perfect for adorn your living room all the way through the summer months.

 Flower Print Home Decorative Slip Resistant Sofa Cover


Exotic Wall Mural Paintings That Will Blow Your Mind

In the London house of the founder of the textile and wallpaper factory Claude Cecil de Gournet, each room breathes exotic and bright landscapes, drawn by hand. The technique, which was originally intended as ways to restore old wallpaper, has evolved into a completely new aesthetic of art.

tropical interior wall art mural


Branches of a green weeping willow frames the living room of this extravagant house. The wall motif called Willow on the canvas of silver color is also repeated on organza curtains.

willow wall art murals curtain living room design ideas


The dining room is a very spacious and bright room, filled mainly with furniture and white decor, against which the scene from the Middle East stands out – an indisputable accent of the interior.

dining room interior wall art wall mural painting ideas


The bathroom itself could be the center of attention of the house. And the attention is centered on the decor of the walls – a vivid contrast of reproductions of the golden age of the Dutch school of painting with bamboo in the eastern theme.

bathroom decoration ideas bathroom designs wall decoration


In the owner’s bedroom, we see a bed, which is a replica of Napoleon’s bed and reproductions of Chinese table lamps.

bedroom design ideas wall art bedroom decoration inspirations


If you like inspirational wall art and interior decorating ideas and tips, follow us and leave your comment of wisdom.  

Amazing Street Art By The Power Of Nature

Great artists are those blessed with the talent of combining nature and art to create surrealistic outstanding graffiti murals. Take a look at below roadside trees to be amazed!

To them, they are satisfied with painting on canvas, but every pavement or wall is their well of inspiration!

tree street art graffiti mural 1

breaking bad character tree street art graffiti mural 4

tree street art graffiti mural 3

tree street art graffiti mural 2

tree street art graffiti mural 5

tree street art graffiti mural 7


These masters practically turned the lush leafy tree branches into luxuriant hair of their graffiti characters.


In fact, any real daily things or scenes can be blended harmoniously into creative works of art and turn the mundane into art. The limit is your imagination.


girl 3d street art graffiti mural

skull skeleton 3d street art graffiti

octopus 3d street art graffiti

cat walking chains 3d street art graffiti

cactus 3d street art graffiti

cats 3d street art graffiti

penguine 3d street art graffiti

schoolgirl 3d street art graffiti


Easy DIY Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas You Will Love

Bedroom Wall Decor Art ideas

Bedroom is the most important part of the house. They are considered a sanctuary where we can detach ourselves from the busy and stressful world.

The bedroom is the place where you can be yourself and spend some time alone. You can also make decisions when it comes to the style and look that you want your bedroom to be. Of course, you want your room to be cozy and relaxing as you will be spending most of your time in there.

If you are already sick and tired of the old look of your bedroom, then maybe it is time to beautify and decorate your space. If you are on a tight budget, below are some tips on how you can brighten up your bedroom without money involved.

Here are the examples homemade wall decoration ideas for the bedroom.

Decide on your color scheme and stick to it to give your bedroom wall a polished look.

One of the simplest ways to completely change the look of a bedroom is to paint the walls a different color. Though painting can seem like an overwhelming project since you need so many supplies, once you get into it, it can help you release your creativity with lasting benefits. Combination colors that contrast with white walls will make the room feel more open. Cool colors like green, turquoise, blue, and purple can make a bedroom feel more spacious and well-designed. Warm colors like orange, yellow, and red can make space appear cozy and intimate.


Create your artwork
Cover up those blank bedroom walls with DIY artwork ideas!

  • Add soft lighting throughout the bedroom with inexpensive wall light or lamps with lamp shades trimmed with ribbon for a personalized designer look.

LED christmas lights

  • Utilize decorative wall hooks, shelves and clocks

   white wooden carved wall shelf


Bedroom Luminous Mute Wall Clock

Use wall art stickers as cost-effective wall accents

An easy way to bring the theme to your bedroom would be adding wall art sticker to the walls around your room.


Staircase sticker Stair riser decal

3D Staircase Sticker Stair Riser Decal Wall Art


3D Flower Acrylic Mirror Wall Sticker

3D Flower Acrylic Mirror Wall Sticker


Tree Photo Frame 3D Wall Stickers

Tree Photo Frame 3D Wall Stickers


3D Cute Cat Wall Sticker

3D Cute Cat Wall Sticker


Top-Rated Halloween Decorations to Inspire

Hi, everyone!

Halloween is getting frightfully near, and I have got all my online purchases of Halloween decorations safe and sound at home. All set for that scary night. I really cannot wait putting them up.

This post is to share you some of my Halloween decorations indoors and outdoors as i promised in my last post. They are all so frightfully ingenious and full of fun!

Halloween decoration black lace spiderweb fireplace mantle scarf cover


halloween decoration black lace spiderweb fireplace mantle cover


halloween decoration gauze sheer yarn roll party decor


Terror transform face photo frame Halloween decorations



plastic human skeleton for halloween decoration

Halloween decoration human skeleton


halloween life size skeleton horror props decorations

halloween scary party scene props white stretchy cobweb spider web horror halloween decoration

human skeleton halloween decoration prop





Most Valuable Halloween Wall Decor Ideas

Halloween is all about Eat, Drink and be Scary, and that’s exactly what i like about it.

With Halloween only 2 weeks away, I guess most Halloween fans cannot wait for the horror night to come sooner.

Hope this post doesn’t come too late.

Today I would like to share with you some of my findings when i am shopping for Halloween decoration. And they are already on their way to me. Exciting, exciting…

First, some small simple stickers for rooms you don’t want to splash a lot on.

halloween wall sticker

witch wall sticker halloween decoration

dinosaur skeleton wall sticker decal halloween decor

skull vinyl wall decal halloween grim death skeleton wall sticker

And some small novelty halloween themed 3D wall sticker to level it up.

scary female devils halloween decoration 3d wall stickers

halloween dark scary forest hole peek 3d wall sticker halloween black crow sitting on a sickle 3d wall sticker

Here comes the best part~~

halloween horror 3d wallpaper wall mural

3d terror skeleton wallpaper Halloween wall mural festival decoration

Spooky wall mount Halloween hands


Well, if you have reached here, i am sure you love them too. Since they are only part of my findings for which i can find clear pictures, i may show you when they arrive.

And there is also some amazing Halloween party decoration, which i will share in my next post. Stay tuned~~

See ya~

Autumn Wall Murals

Golden yellow and maple red are the two types of color exclusive of  Autumn season. Imagine how wonderful it would be to bring in the fall to your house with stunning autumn wall murals!

autumn wall mural 2

wall mural birch forest scenery

wall framed watercolor painting

floral wall mural

autumn wall mural 5

floral tv wall mural  autumn wall mural 3

autumn wall mural 1


3D Street Art that Are Too Awesome to Miss

3d street art


Impressive, huh? This is not some kind of cartoon animation, it is 100% hand painted by Chinese painter, who has been awarded Guinness World Record four times for his 3D street art creation. Describing himself as “China’s first 3D artist”, he uses his skills to turn bleak walls in Chinese cities into stunning works of art. Huffington Post once published an article on his accomplishes.

Below are some more of his works.

5b35f4b6jw1f56mx6alqhj213n0qo4ew 5b35f4b6jw1f43fast6frj20vh0nv7dk 5b35f4b6jw1f38y58y7goj20rs0kute4 5b35f4b6jw1f21z377m8jj20ku0q2n2o 1 5b35f4b6jw1f5mt8y6y0zj20zk0qoth9 5b35f4b6jw1f5m8wbvxy7j20go0o7787 5b35f4b6jw1f5m8waqt38j20go0bmta7 5b35f4b6jw1f5f9eztx4kj20ku0g277u 5b35f4b6jw1f4vsqdkv9tj20qo144h1n 5b35f4b6jw1f4vsqcfj8lj20zk0qotn4 5b35f4b6jw1eyuvyxc01pj218g0xcwws 5b35f4b6jw1eunjkhs0lgj20xc18gtp5 5b35f4b6jw1eunjke90zuj20xc18gauy 5b35f4b6jw1epaynrrsr9j218g0xc7mo 5b35f4b6jw1epaynpvlroj20xc18gqle 5b35f4b6jw1epaynoyjgcj218g0xce1t 5b35f4b6jw1enpt7wniw5j218g0xc49z 5b35f4b6jw1el8t5jq2etj215o1jk4fa 5b35f4b6jw1ea37g9eelwj20r10j644y 5b35f4b6jw1ea3aw49qm4j20pk0j6td2 5b35f4b6jw1e9jd33fu97j214t1d716r 5b35f4b6gw1f6310i8982j20ti3kqdyz 5b35f4b6gw1f6kcnh5s0lj21kw0yfwtc




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