Where Flowers Bloom is Full of Love

I don’t know how long I haven’t seen the flowers because of the cool winter. Now Spring is coming I can see all kinds of colorful flowers again. Where flowers bloom, there are sunshine and love! When there is a spring rain while a warm will be full of the earth. It’s good to fling off heavy clothing now that spring is here. Many kids should fly beautiful kits by the lake. Are you ready to welcome the spring come to your home? Now shopping the flower wall painting for your wall.
Beddinginn wall painting
Flowers give you energy every time coming back home from work. It is time to change your room style into a new fashion and warm. The material is easily wiped with a damp cloth and it is waterproof. New spring, new style wall! This product consists of three squares, whose size is 20*20in. Three squares should be placed horizontally. You can hang them on the decorative wall of any rooms.
Beddinginn bathroom wall murals

Bathroom Wall Murals
When you see the sheer curtain, do you feel a bright-eyed? Cheap and exquisite roman sheer is coming! With small yellwow flowers, it will add more freshness to your room. It also features part of blackout and dust-proof except decoration and can be installed on your living room, bedroom, study and balcony. Due to high-quality materials and skillful process techniques, sheer curtain can be washed with machine.
Beddinginn sheer curtain

Your Money Fell All Over The Ground

Dreams Come True. I believe that almost everyone has said that. We all hope our dreams can come true or others dream can come true. But the reality of lives is still cruel. Dream has nothing to do with you always. Dream comimg true means that you will own more and more money which is just an accessory. Some one said that we prefer to persue the money freedom rather than to pursue the dream struggly. Acctually no matter what you purse, it is important for you whether you could do. I want to said that as long as you want and you konw the what you want clearly, your dream can come true. Only can you be hungry for dream, all wishes can be true! So in order to be hungry for your dream and money, it is need to buy the money floor sticker go home. When you washing your face, it can remind you to work hard.
Beddinginn floor stickers

And the piano stair mural is intreasting as the money floor sticker. Let the music notes go with you always, now you can bring a household item go home which is either a guitar bedding or a guitar wall murals or something else. Beddinginn knows these guitars items you like will give you a pleasant life experience. Piano is one of the symbols to musical lovers. The material PVC is environmentally friendly and waterproof. This set includes 6 pieces of stair murals, each 7*39in.
Beddinginn stair murals

Dophin Flooring – https://www.beddinginn.com/product/Two-Leisurely-Fishes-In-The-Limpid-Sea-Pattern-Waterproof-Splicing-3d-Floor-Murals-12675357.html

Beddinginn floor murals

The Meaning of These Oil Painting

When I see the oil painting, I remeber a story about three monks fetching water in China. There is an old saying in China: if three monks are asked to fetch water, none of them is willing to go. But now, things are different. The three monks are eager to fetch water, but, to their great surprise, the water in the river has become too black to drink at all. The picture reveals one of the serious environmental problems in our country. Many rivers, like the one depicted in the picture, have been terribly polluted by the sewage discharged from the factories.

Beddinginn-oil painting

As we all know, pollution is harmful to living beings. There are many different types of pollutions in this world. For instance, water pollution, air pollution, noise pollution and so on. Water pollution cause many kinds of disease that have negative effects on human beings, sometimes the diseases will take people’s life away. Dirty air will increase the rate of getting lung cancer. While the noise pollution will cause insomnia. People’s health condition will be damaged.

Rivers are being cleaned, air is purified, and the people come to realize that the importance of protecting the environment. Everyone should make a contribution to protecting the environment. I hope our sky is blue as the picture, our reiver is clearn as the picture, animal is lively as the picture in the Beddinginn. I hope our life is sweet and beautiful as the picture. Do you? But we can only achieve it together.

Beddinginn-oil painting

Green Sky Ocean 3D Waterproof Ceiling and Wall Murals
Beddinginn-oil painting

Beddinginn’s Style in Your Home–Black Friday Best Deals

Beddinginn: https://www.beddinginn.com/
On a chance we tried an important-looking door, and walked into a elegant house, the wall covered with green bamboos and leaves wall mural, and the bedding set is from Beddinginn. So surprise!
This Door Mural can be stuck not only on the door, but on the wall. Applicable range is so wide. It specializes in vibrant hues and superior quality. It has successfully passed QA. The size is around 30*79in, so you can order quantities according to door or wall size. The material PVC is environmentally friendly and waterproof.12872392_1
Black Friday: https://www.beddinginn.com/topic/Black-Friday/331/Bedding/3156/
A refreshing and revitalizing shade, Greenery is symbolic of new beginnings. Green leaves hide the wall, for your bedroom wall color coated with uniform and tonal, contracted and clean. The colours can be felt as if they came from the summer breeze of the Mediterranean.
This 3D wall mural can be stuck on the wall in bedrooms, dining room, hallway, living rooms and other decorative rooms. Applicable range is so wide. The default price online is for the size 39*39in, the price for other larger sizes being higher, so you can select it according to your actual decorative wall size.

Black Friday: Dinosaur Wall Stickers on Beddinginn

We saw many kinds of fossils of dinosaurs in the Dinosaur World. The World Dinosaur Valley
contains the world’s largest burial site of dinosaur fossils from the late-mid- Jurassic period. If you think it’s a colossal waste of time to visit a dinosaur photography exhibit, now you can buy a dinosaur wall sticker for your home. Besides the functional aspects, the theme of the graphics features Danny and his dinosaur friends and send a message of dinosaur to us.
Best Black Friday Deals: https://www.beddinginn.com/topic/Todays-Deals/
This is a cute herbivorous dinosaur. Dinosaur era reproduction of the world’s image of the
dinosaur extinction has been, feeding the herbivorous dinosaurs, dinosaur battle of meat, flying pterosaurs, are vivid and lifelike. Beddinginn has been feeding the herbivorous dinosaurs, dinosaur battle of meat, flying pterosaurs, are vivid and lifelike and make your house into a style of dinosaur era.

The marvelous dinosaur is breaking throughing the wall into the people world. That painting approximates reality. You deserve this dinosaur wall art. Do you remeber the dinosaurs in your childhood? Do you have a familar feeling when you see the Beddinginn’s dinosaurs 3D wall stickers. Bring back go home, add a more happy and fun time to your life.
Beddinginn design a series of wall art for you to choose includes funny animal you haven’t seen, magnificent views, brilliant flowers, the images of Buddha and so on. You can find the wall sticker you want in so many good wall arts! There is always a syicker for you!


Black Friday Surprise Deals: Shopping All You Want for Christmas

Sticking to some amazing Christmas stickers is indispensable for home decoration on Christmas.
Wow, here Beddinginn offers a huge discount for your shopping all you want for Christmas. Now click into the Beddinginn store find you best-loved.


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These Christmas wall stickers will add more joyfulness to your room. Easy to install and remove. Featuring high quality PVC material, it sticks fast. The size below is just the size of sticker set. The actual size depends on the density you want.


These Christmas wall stickers will add more joyfulness to your room. Easy to install and remove. Featuring high quality PVC material, it sticks fast. The size below is just the size of sticker set. The actual size depends on the density you want.


Wanna prepare a unique and best baby gifts for your lovely one? Creative baby gift ideas for you! Make your baby warm and fashionable at the same time! Featuring high quality fleece fabric, it is environmental and healthy for baby’s skin.


The green little hat for baby! Two big big eyes are very interesting. The Christmas is coming and the wether is colder and colder. We preparing a warm Yarn hat is important to prevent baby have a cold. Do you like the big eyes and the bright green color? Buy a funy hat as a Christmas gifs for your baby!

Beddinginn’s Inspiration

Where is creative? It is in Beddinginn. There’s nothing we can’t do, only you can’t think of. Now if you tired of the style of your house, Beddinginn will bring you into a inspiration world. Creating art that has meaning can be hard work, especially if the artist is struggling to find inspiration and meaning in a complex world. But Beddinginn do all for your more beautiful life.
Monkeys help you to hold your telephone, And have different posture! Unique design decorative and useful, applies to all smartphones and tablet PC or other electronic device, such as iPad Mini, Pro, iPad Air, Samsung Tablet, Kindle E-reader. 
12926561_2 (1)
According to research, the size of the thumb of people who spend a lot of time with her cell phone could be 15 percent larger than the others, especially in the dominant hand is concerned. So the monkey cell phone holder is very useful for regularusers of cellphones in order to your health.
13005075_1 (1)
Pizza Pattern :https://www.beddinginn.com/product/3d-Pizza-Pattern-Non-Slip-Rubber-Mouse-Pad-13005075.html
For me, I get inspired by being aware of the art world, because art inspires. The idea of creativity is wonderful: that a spark of inspiration can eventually bring something new and useful into the world, perhaps even something beautiful.
Our design inspiration comes from Nature & Bedding. Design of products is unique and fashionable, distinguished and elegant. We provides excellent tracking surface for your mouse.
13005068_2Red Lips Halloween Pattern Non Slip Rubber Mouse Pad

How were The 7 Continents Formed?

There is undoubtedly something unusual about humans. Our species currently numbers around 7 billion, whereas there are fewer than 300,000 remaining of our nearest living relatives, the chimpanzees. We have expanded across the planet to inhabit nearly all the available habitats, and have even now taken up permanent residence off world.

Around 300 million years ago there was only one landmass on the earth known as supercontinent- Pangea and the ocean cover was called as Panthalasa. Then around 200 million years ago the supercontinet started separating. Some of the factors were:

  1. i) The convection current inside of the earth which let to movement of he tectonic plates beneath.
  2. ii) Tidal force of the Sun and the Moon.
  3. iii) Earth’s Gravitational force which exert centrifugal and centripetal forces on objects.

The Pangea first divide into two landmasses: Laurasia (northern landmass) and Gondwanaland (southern landmass). These two further divided and sub-divided gradually through millions of years to form the picturesque of the world as we witness it today.

The map of Beddinginn :



It is very interesting to understand the origin of life, and learn more about geography. Our understanding of the world, and consequently our ability to shape that world, is not limited to the knowledge and skills which we can acquire in our own lifetimes.



Nowadays more and more people decorate their walls with these fantastic 3D stickers. The world map presents the outline of each continent. The material acrylic is waterproof and eco-friendly, with backing self-adhesive gum. Three colors are provided to select.

When I Am Young

In my 18 years of life, there have been many things. University days are the best part of them. I can never forget the days when I am 23 years old,I graduated from university.June is coming means that mostly students will leave form their school to make great effort in society .I was the one of them three years ago.Campus life is the most splendid time in everyone life,especially college life, which is getting farther and farther for us.The memory was left by it that I

can never forget.


Then I must told that young man do not worry what we have already lost on account of we are young.So we have so many chances to fight.Trying our best to struggle is most worthest method for commemorating past.


Please remeber the mottos:Youth is a state of mind that is not a time of life.It is not a matter of red lips and rosy cheeks;It is a quality of the imagination ,a matter of the will.It is the surging up of the deep spring of life.When I am alive,I want to be the master of life,and not be a slave of it.

Graduation is not only an end but also a commencement of a new period and I hope that future will bring you continued happiness.

When I am young , Years may wrinkle the skin,but is useless for a vigor of will!Let our life Like a flower in full bloom!


American Modern Art

When I look at the artwork in life from wearing to using,which reminds me to consider that  how does the modern art come to America?I looked up some articles,I will answer your doubts.Imagination without skill gives us modern art.In the early 20 century,a new art movement was broken out in Eorope.Then Between about 1910 and 1930,some people realized the singnificance of this movement in United Stated.The art movement started to spread all over the world.


But most important in the spread of the modern movements in the United States was the sensational Armory Show of 1913 in New York,in which the artworks of many of the leading European artists were seen accompanying with works of a number of progressive American painters .11983126_1

Cubism as a new field of art is the greatest of these breakthroughts.Natural forms were borkendown analytically into geometrical shapes in Cubism. No longer was a clear differentiation made between the figure and the background of a painting:the objects represented and the surface on which they were painted became one . The cubins abandoned the conventional single vantage point of the view,and objects depicted from multiple viewpoints were shown at the same time.

I said this much for modern art.Let us appreciate the art in real life about bedding design of beddinginn.