Place You in The Sunshine and Flowers

A floor sticker will be one bright spot in whole decor of your house. Floor Art Series from Beddinginn are competitive products which shown its fashion, elegance and environmental friendly and super value etc. superiority by soft texture of precious species. We designers hope you can feel a freedom in living.
Beddinginn floor stickers
The floor sticker features:
High-Difinition art work and color-fast
Environmental friendly material
Odorless, safe for home use
Waterproof and anti-slipping, a perfect substitute for kitchen/bathroom rugs

At the same time, the article pays close attention to the innovation of humanistic environment, and explores appropriate aesthetic orientation in the ecological home decor art creation. Beddinginn hope the design will give you more nature and comforter.
Beddinginn 3d floor stickers

Decorate your blank wall with these vintage 3D wall stickers, which are made of superior waterproof acrylic. They are stick to the background of TV, sofa or suitably demanded rooms. It can bring a feeling of vitality and warm. Enter your house, enter the nature. When you come back your home from work, you will feel extremely relaxed in the natural atmosphere. A good wall stickers is one which you can be yourself with. Alought it is not the matter that you don’t decor your wall with all kinds of wall stickers, I believe everyone hope their own can place in sunshine and flowers.
Beddinginn wall stickers

Spring Wall Art in Your Home

Spring girl is coming. The earth needs a new look. But because of the influence of spring cold, the green and red floral are conceled by the girl spring. I hope the green plants grow up quickly. As an old saying goes, when a spring rain drop into the earth, the weather will get more warm than before. The good things and good times always need people taking more time to waiting for. And the spring always give people some surprise and gifts. The whole year’s work depends on a good start in spring. Only  hard-working persons can see the spring face early.
Beddinginn butterfly wall stickers
Now that the spring is long in coming, why don’t we creative a new fashion spring in our house? You can shopping the butterfly wall stickers on Beddinginn, then paste the beautiful wall art in your wall which are all 3D and are all as natural as though it were living.
Beddinginn floral wall murals

When you see the floral wall murals, you as if in the sea of flowers. Beddinginn provide the vividly wall arts for you to choose, and we hope the spring can come your home early. So that you can feel a relaxing and joyful at home.
Beddinginn wall murals


Beddinginn Natural for You

All good things must come to an end. But we can cherish it now or we can freeze its beautiful with all kinds of techniques and photos. Really I want to said that I hope the beauty forever. The true beauty is nature which is not only the mother of the present generation, but also the mother of the generations to come. Its beauty is comprehensive, natural and selfless for human kinds. But how do we reward to our mother-nature? We in order to eran more and satisfy our infinite desire, we destroy the beneficent mother. The river is no longer clear, the green was cut, the sky air is full of particulate pollutants. Our mother’s exposed skin is scorched by the sun. Humans do too much sorry you. I hope we can aware of environmental issues and correct our crim for nature mother. Everyone hope we can see the true green palnts, green mountain and clear water as photos in Beddinginn as beautifull.
Beddinginn wall prints
Waterfall plunges downward and is surrounded by yellow leaves. Maybe it is autumn. The Non-Framed Prints is non-glare, moisture resistant and UV protected, which is easy to clean. Simply wipe down with a damp cloth as needed. Five prints should be hung on the wall horizontally.
Beddinginn wall prints
The door murals is also very nice!
Beddinginn door murals

The design them of Beddinginn is that our items must close to the nature. We can live with nature!