The Gorgeousness of Peacock-Wall clocks

I am the most proud peacock in the world in Beddinginn. The designer shaping so many amazing appearance for you frame into exquisite wall clock.

12578714_5Creative style is embodied by the combination of peacock and round dial. The iron and diamond materials create elegant quality. This wall clock is extremely mute, so you do not need to worry about sleep. Heads in three colors are selected. Providing products with low cost and high performance is the tenet on Beddinginn.


Modern fashion pastoral style wall clock.Unique peacock shape design. The material of dial is the best crystal glasses which is wear-resisting.The clock surface is treated by high temperature painting spraying. It can be used in all kinds of room.


Wall clocks have been a part of our home decor ever since they were first invented. The clock we sell are both functional and stylish.The great thing about the clock is that their peacock shape design.This unique design can make your room special.  A large wall clock can make a wonderful decoration for the living room. Movement of electrical clock is quiet, you do not need to worry about sleepless.

There are other more amazing types of wall clocks in Beddinginn.

Battery-Powered Clock:

11494155_1This piece of art is wall clock, looking mirror, wall decoration piece all rolled into one!

10945264_1Wow, it is very unique. Due to differences in monitor settings, there may be a slight variation in color on screen,versus the actual material. Do you want to appreciate more interesting wall clock! Please sticking to cut here

How were The 7 Continents Formed?

There is undoubtedly something unusual about humans. Our species currently numbers around 7 billion, whereas there are fewer than 300,000 remaining of our nearest living relatives, the chimpanzees. We have expanded across the planet to inhabit nearly all the available habitats, and have even now taken up permanent residence off world.

Around 300 million years ago there was only one landmass on the earth known as supercontinent- Pangea and the ocean cover was called as Panthalasa. Then around 200 million years ago the supercontinet started separating. Some of the factors were:

  1. i) The convection current inside of the earth which let to movement of he tectonic plates beneath.
  2. ii) Tidal force of the Sun and the Moon.
  3. iii) Earth’s Gravitational force which exert centrifugal and centripetal forces on objects.

The Pangea first divide into two landmasses: Laurasia (northern landmass) and Gondwanaland (southern landmass). These two further divided and sub-divided gradually through millions of years to form the picturesque of the world as we witness it today.

The map of Beddinginn :


It is very interesting to understand the origin of life, and learn more about geography. Our understanding of the world, and consequently our ability to shape that world, is not limited to the knowledge and skills which we can acquire in our own lifetimes.


Nowadays more and more people decorate their walls with these fantastic 3D stickers. The world map presents the outline of each continent. The material acrylic is waterproof and eco-friendly, with backing self-adhesive gum. Three colors are provided to select.

Magic prints

New Zealand Magic Convention is from Friday 20 October 2017 to Monday 23 October 2017. People have always believed that magic exists in the world forever. There are many dwarves, elves, wizards living in middle-earth happliy.


To what extent new zealanders believe in the magic world? They broadcast weather forecasts with elvish languages, which break the second barrier. Whether they understand the language or not, they are enjoy it. The New Zealand Magic Convention is Australasia’s largest event for magicians and magic hobbyists. Featuring lectures and performances from experts in close-up, card and stage magic, mentalism, manipulation and comedy, this is a rare opportunity to learn from some of the best magicians in the world.


Do you like the Magic? If you are also Magic fans, I feel that you will like the Magic prints of Beddinginn. It will add your mysterious to hang these prints in your room.

The canvas of non-framed prints are non-glare, moisture resistant and UV protected, which is easy to clean. Simply wipe down with a damp cloth as needed. Five prints should be hung on the wall horizontally. It is better that these prints should be integrated into frames prepared.


Rainbow and Castle:

The source of magic is kindness and love that will activate the power to help people in distress and to destroy all evil.