When the Happiness to Knock on the Door

The famouse film named “The Pursuit of Happyness” which translated into Chinese means “when the happiness to knock on the door”.


If God closes a window, then he must open another door for you !Please find the door that belong to you !



There are some great dialogue in this famouse film that touched many people’s heart deeply .

The floowing are :

Chris Gardner:You got a dream, you gotta protect it.

Chris Gardner:People can’t do something by themselves; they wanna tell you you can not do it.

Chris Gardner:You want something. Go get it!

Martin Frohm: What would you say if man walked in here with no shirt, and I hired him? What would you say?

Martin Frohm: What would you say if man walked in here with no shirt, and I hired him? What would you say?

I’m the type of person,if you ask me a question, and I don’t konw the answer,I’m gonna to tell you that I don’t konw.But I bet you what: I konw how to find the answer, and I’ll find the answer

–You gonna trust me, all right?

— I trust you.

Thomas Jefferson mentions happiness a couple times in the Declaration of Independence. May seem like a strange word to be in that document, but he was sort of… He was an artist.

Lord, don’t move that mountain, give me strength to climb it. Please don’t move that stumbling block, but lead me , Lord, around it. My burdens, they gets so heavy, seem hard to bear, but I won’t give up. Because you promised me. You’d meet me at the altar of prayer.


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Let the doors of your dreams come true which as the door of Beddinginn as bright and hopeness forever !


Following Your Heart


Occasionally, life can be undeniably, impossibly difficult. We are faced with challenges and events that can seem overwhelming, life-destroying to the point where it may be hard to decide whether to keep going. But you always have a choice.


I worked in a job that I hated and I lived in a concrete jungle city with little greenery. I occupied my time with meaningless relationships and spent copious quantities of money on superficialities. I was searching for happiness and had no idea where to find it until you meet Beddinginn today ! Everything in Beddinginn the different interpretation of the soul of life and the pursuit of heart !


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I was deeply attracted by life style of Beddinginn . Since then I have begun to shape the most beautiful life for my house . The change for me is from bedding set to home decor .


You choose life every day. But do you choose the life that you love every day?

Everyone will find his or her most favorite life , although you will feel lonely and frustrate . Connecting with heart often to ensure that you are always following your joy , which is design concept of Beddinginn !


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The Blue and White Porcelain

This  lyrics are highly literate of China . English translation can only describe the artistic conception of Chinese . The following are :

Unglazed, yet from shade to light,unfolds the blue and white.

From the peony on the vase , emerges your image in maiden dress.

Closed as the windows remain , the incense rises and lays bare my bosom.

My brush pauses , the painting half done, till the portrait of a maiden is glazed , hiding away memories fond .


Bursting into a smile , you seem like a bud about to bloom .

Alas, off is your charm blown , to a place where I can never trace.

The sky is blue enough to expect the rain ; for you I am waiting, however in vain .

The chimney smoke is to rise ; across the river lies thousands of miles.

The calligraphy at the bottom , modeling the elegance of the Han Dynasty,

has set the stage to meet my destiny .

The sky is blue enough to herald the rain , while for you I am on watch, however in vain .

Scooped out of the water, the moon waned , ripples spreading out , the story draws to an end .

In your eyes smile is beaming ; The blue and white porcelainkeeps to herself the age-long beauty,

on the bottom of the white bowl , blue and white carps leap to and fro. Copying the Song inscription,

to the end I am yet to sign , before you step into my mind.


The mystery of yours , buried deep in the kiln for thousands of years , is as delicate yet profound ,

as a needle falling into the ground . The banana tree outside brings a sudden downpour , while the copper knocker invites rust to cover all . South of the river I passed through the small town , mindless of turning your life around.

Melting into the depth of a landscape painting , you faded out into the dark background.