Autumn Wall Murals

Golden yellow and maple red are the two types of color exclusive of  Autumn season. Imagine how wonderful it would be to bring in the fall to your house with stunning autumn wall murals!

autumn wall mural 2

wall mural birch forest scenery

wall framed watercolor painting

floral wall mural

autumn wall mural 5

floral tv wall mural  autumn wall mural 3

autumn wall mural 1


3D Street Art that Are Too Awesome to Miss

3d street art


Impressive, huh? This is not some kind of cartoon animation, it is 100% hand painted by Chinese painter, who has been awarded Guinness World Record four times for his 3D street art creation. Describing himself as “China’s first 3D artist”, he uses his skills to turn bleak walls in Chinese cities into stunning works of art. Huffington Post once published an article on his accomplishes.

Below are some more of his works.

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Storage Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. It is where i start and end the day. If you have a small bathroom, you may at a loss where to put all those shampoos and creams, extra towels, hair dryer, combo toilet paper rolls, and perhaps the bathing kits and toys for your kids. Wow, even a big bathroom will be at a mess with a less organized owner, let alone a small bathroom. Read on to find out below storage ideas on how to organize things properly and make a sharp-looking bathroom!

1. Storage Boxes or Baskets with Labels
Bathroom is full of small odds and ends, and may easily get lost when you most need it. Sort them out and put them in separate boxes or other containers. Don’t forget the label them as you won’t be the only one using bathroom.

Labeled Boxes Storage


2. Large Standalone Cabinets
If your space permits, these kind of cabinets is versatile in storage. And the door closes all the mess in, leaving a clean and tidy sink top. Besides its large capacity, the cabinet can also keep a hideous looking wall out of sight.

Large Freestanding Cabinet in Bathroom


3. Wall Mount Cabinet above the Sink
Make full advantage use of the space above the sink by installing a mirror cabinet. With the proper shelving, you have secured a neat place for all your skin care and makeup products.

Wall Mount Cabinet above the Sink


4. Pull-Out Sliding Cabinet
The picture says all about it. What a genius idea!

Pull-Out Sliding Cabinet


5. Towel & Robe Stand
Its slim body can fit in the tiniest bathroom and make better use of the otherwise wasted corner.

Towel & Robe Stand

Towel & Robe Stand


6. Built-in Shelf Cabinet
Put things you use everyday on the shelves, within easy each whether you are taking a shower or using the toilet.

Built-in Shelf Cabinet


7. Wall Hanging Storage Box
The wall itself opens plenty of possibility for storage. It is the trend when coping with limited storage space.

Wall Hanging Storage Box


8. Storage below the Sink
The space below the sink is another neglected place. The wicket basket is perfect for this area to put your dirty laundry or other damp proof things.

Storage below the Sink


9. Double Layer Trays
They are perfect for your nail polish, toiletries travel packs, hairpins and other small stuff.

Double Layer Trays


10. Iron Hanging Rack
Fit for the wall, or back of door and cabinet.

Iron Hanging Rack