An Enchanting Woman in the Wall Sticker

The roses are in full bloom. It is time to express your love to your girlfriend or boyfrie boyfriend. If you like purple, you intend to put up the purple wallpaper in your living room. I have a advice for you, you can hang up a red rose wall sticker on the purple wall. As a red rose is blooming in the purple sea, which looks much more elegant. The red suits the purple well.

Beddinginn Roses Framed Prints

When you open the door, you will always see a sexy women in your living room waiting for you! Let me play with my imagination. Your fatigue has gone quickly after one day hard work. Yean, it is the women in the picture. The women is so sexy, pure, coquettish, with slim waist and long legs; stand in “s”; and they wear their hair up in a twist.

Beddinginn Graceful Lady in Red Dress Wall Prints

And I love music and musical instruments. I am good at playing guitar. I hope that I have a guitar wall clock on my bedroom. The wall clock rings with a guitar solo. I will set my love to a tune with my guitar. A big red sweet heart for you from my feelings. Can you receive my love feelings to you?

Beddinginn Classic Guitar Wall Clock

Romantic Love Heart Shaped with Photo Frame Decorative Wall Clock
Beddinginn Romantic Love Heart Wall Clock

The Meaning of These Oil Painting

When I see the oil painting, I remeber a story about three monks fetching water in China. There is an old saying in China: if three monks are asked to fetch water, none of them is willing to go. But now, things are different. The three monks are eager to fetch water, but, to their great surprise, the water in the river has become too black to drink at all. The picture reveals one of the serious environmental problems in our country. Many rivers, like the one depicted in the picture, have been terribly polluted by the sewage discharged from the factories.


As we all know, pollution is harmful to living beings. There are many different types of pollutions in this world. For instance, water pollution, air pollution, noise pollution and so on. Water pollution cause many kinds of disease that have negative effects on human beings, sometimes the diseases will take people’s life away. Dirty air will increase the rate of getting lung cancer. While the noise pollution will cause insomnia. People’s health condition will be damaged.

Rivers are being cleaned, air is purified, and the people come to realize that the importance of protecting the environment. Everyone should make a contribution to protecting the environment. I hope our sky is blue as the picture, our reiver is clearn as the picture, animal is lively as the picture in the Beddinginn. I hope our life is sweet and beautiful as the picture. Do you? But we can only achieve it together.


Green Sky Ocean 3D Waterproof Ceiling and Wall Murals

The Most Beautiful Wall Clock for Christmas

When the bell of New Year rings, please listen, that clear ringings are my blessingsto you. I hope you in a beautiful house with a vividly wall clock on your wall! We can witness the flying of the time together! Cherish the time, cherish the good side. Cherish the time, do our best, make it better. Seek the great Truth from Dao center. We will have the final results of the treasure in that time, work hard.
Environmental resin-made clock are durable and anti-dust. Lilies decorated add generosity to the clock. And the handmade embossment technique is rarely applied in clocks manufacture, which makes its owner become the only one. In addition, there are two colors selected. Most importantly, the clock works on quite mutely. You can sleep peacefully. Don’t worry about time-setting is off, because it reports very precisely. This elegant clock can also be a good gift for your relatives or friends. They will certainly love it.
Do you like the wall clock from Beddinginn. As time goes by, your that old colock has tired. You need a new wall clock and you need a new look.
Decorate your blank wall with these vintage 3D wall stickers, which are made of superior waterproof acrylic. They are stick to the background of TV, sofa or suitably demanded rooms. It can bring a feeling of vitality and warm. Enter your house, enter the nature. When you come back your home from work, you will feel extremely relaxed in the natural atmosphere.


Put a Christmas Clothing on Your Door

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Christmas Deals:
Come on and decorate your house together on Christmas Day! The word “Christmas” comes from the old English “Cristes maesse”, or the mass of Christ. It is likely that the Christmas date of December 25 was chosen to offset the Pagan celebrations of Saturnalia and Natalis Invicti. It it also possible that the celebration of the birth of the “true light of the world” was set at the time of the December solstice because this is when the days in the northern hemisphere begin to grow longer. Christmas holiday customs derive from various cultures, including Teutonic, Celtic, Roman, West Asian and Christian.
Christmas 3d Door Murals on Beddinginn
This Christmas Door Mural can be stuck not only on the door, but on the wall. Applicable range is so wide. It specializes in vibrant hues and superior quality. It has successfully passed QA. The size is around 30*79in, so you can order quantities according to door or wall size. The material PVC is environmentally friendly and waterproof.
Which one do you like? Your door in your home need a Christmas clothing. Your children will like the Santa Claus in door mural. A full big of gifts on Santa’s back who is staying at your door. Santa Claus is getting ready to leave, making his annual Christmas deliveries. Anyway, the annual Christmas is arriving.
Santa Door Murals from Beddinginn

Do you still think about the Christmas gifts, decorations for home? The more nice items offered are high quality on Beddinginn . You need to prepare a great Christmas gifts for your lover or best Christmas decorations for your kids. Beddinginn offer all what you want from 10$ and up. You must find a surprise for your lover or kids on Beddinginn!
Nice Christmas Stickers on Beddinginn

Beddinginn’s Style in Your Home–Black Friday Best Deals

On a chance we tried an important-looking door, and walked into a elegant house, the wall covered with green bamboos and leaves wall mural, and the bedding set is from Beddinginn. So surprise!
This Door Mural can be stuck not only on the door, but on the wall. Applicable range is so wide. It specializes in vibrant hues and superior quality. It has successfully passed QA. The size is around 30*79in, so you can order quantities according to door or wall size. The material PVC is environmentally friendly and waterproof.12872392_1
Black Friday:
A refreshing and revitalizing shade, Greenery is symbolic of new beginnings. Green leaves hide the wall, for your bedroom wall color coated with uniform and tonal, contracted and clean. The colours can be felt as if they came from the summer breeze of the Mediterranean.
This 3D wall mural can be stuck on the wall in bedrooms, dining room, hallway, living rooms and other decorative rooms. Applicable range is so wide. The default price online is for the size 39*39in, the price for other larger sizes being higher, so you can select it according to your actual decorative wall size.

Black Friday: Dinosaur Wall Stickers on Beddinginn

We saw many kinds of fossils of dinosaurs in the Dinosaur World. The World Dinosaur Valley
contains the world’s largest burial site of dinosaur fossils from the late-mid- Jurassic period. If you think it’s a colossal waste of time to visit a dinosaur photography exhibit, now you can buy a dinosaur wall sticker for your home. Besides the functional aspects, the theme of the graphics features Danny and his dinosaur friends and send a message of dinosaur to us.
Best Black Friday Deals:
This is a cute herbivorous dinosaur. Dinosaur era reproduction of the world’s image of the
dinosaur extinction has been, feeding the herbivorous dinosaurs, dinosaur battle of meat, flying pterosaurs, are vivid and lifelike. Beddinginn has been feeding the herbivorous dinosaurs, dinosaur battle of meat, flying pterosaurs, are vivid and lifelike and make your house into a style of dinosaur era.

The marvelous dinosaur is breaking throughing the wall into the people world. That painting approximates reality. You deserve this dinosaur wall art. Do you remeber the dinosaurs in your childhood? Do you have a familar feeling when you see the Beddinginn’s dinosaurs 3D wall stickers. Bring back go home, add a more happy and fun time to your life.
Beddinginn design a series of wall art for you to choose includes funny animal you haven’t seen, magnificent views, brilliant flowers, the images of Buddha and so on. You can find the wall sticker you want in so many good wall arts! There is always a syicker for you!


Black Friday Surprise Deals: Shopping All You Want for Christmas

Sticking to some amazing Christmas stickers is indispensable for home decoration on Christmas.
Wow, here Beddinginn offers a huge discount for your shopping all you want for Christmas. Now click into the Beddinginn store find you best-loved.


Best Christmas Deals:
These Christmas wall stickers will add more joyfulness to your room. Easy to install and remove. Featuring high quality PVC material, it sticks fast. The size below is just the size of sticker set. The actual size depends on the density you want.


These Christmas wall stickers will add more joyfulness to your room. Easy to install and remove. Featuring high quality PVC material, it sticks fast. The size below is just the size of sticker set. The actual size depends on the density you want.


Wanna prepare a unique and best baby gifts for your lovely one? Creative baby gift ideas for you! Make your baby warm and fashionable at the same time! Featuring high quality fleece fabric, it is environmental and healthy for baby’s skin.


The green little hat for baby! Two big big eyes are very interesting. The Christmas is coming and the wether is colder and colder. We preparing a warm Yarn hat is important to prevent baby have a cold. Do you like the big eyes and the bright green color? Buy a funy hat as a Christmas gifs for your baby!

The Stair Murals You Haven’t Seen

The stairs murals can increase interesting in your home. Your life will be more wonderful, colorful and vivid. Someone like planting trees and flowers in house that need we to prune them every day, which may be a trouble. Because young people are too busy to care of the flowers in house. Prefer spending some time to prune, rather than relaxing in house. If you need a colorful world but have no time to prune the flowers, and it is a perfect choose to adhesive the colorful tairs murals on beddinginn.
3D Stair Murals:
The 3D waterfall and sunshine stair murals is also very amazing. Cool feelings occur to you at the sight of waterfall. The material PVC is environmentally friendly and waterproof. This set includes 13 pieces of stair murals, each 7*39in. Beddinginn will present you a more natural waterfall and sunshine in order to bring you into a relax environment.
There are all kinds of styles for your choosing, such as fruits pattern, sea and beach, red rose, natural scenery, forest, garden path and so on. You must find your favorite. Now you can get any one at deep discount.The material PVC of these stair murals is environmentally friendly and waterproof with baking gum. If you’d like to remove it, please apply blow-dryer to peel off the murals.
· Size: estimated 7*39in/18*100cm *6 pieces
· Total Size: 43*39in/108*100cm
· Material: Environmental PVC
· Feature: 3D Waterproof Stair Mural
· Quantity: 6

Buddha Prints In Beddinginn

Buddha is very wise, and you can learn much from his age-old teachings if only you open your heart and your mind. And Tsangyang Gyatso is my favorite Buddha who is the 6th Dalai Lama, and a famed Chinese poet. His poem of Once for a Whole Day is also my favorite. Let’s appreciate the poem of Once for a Whole Day, and you  can find your favorite prints in Beddinginn:


In a temple with burning incense I meditated,

suddenly I seemed to hear, the resonance of your recitation in my ear.

Once for a whole eve, I listened to the soulful chant in relief,

not for enlightment in quest, but to feel your living breath.

Once for a whole month, I turned all prayer wheels in earnest,

not for repenting sins, but to touch your fingerprints.

Once for a whole year, on all fours to dust I came near,

not for worshipping gods, but to feel your warmth in love.

Once for a whole life, I journeyed through ten thousand spires,

not for rebirth to complete, but to meet you in destiny.


Once in a split second, I may ascend as a spirit,

not for eternity, but to bless with joy and security.

Now if you like the Buddha  prints in Beddinginn, please buy it for you! The aim of practicing Buddhism is to free the mind from the influence of external circumstances and maintainpeace and serenity within.


Canvas is non-glare, moisture resistant and UV protected, which is easy to clean. Simply wipe down with a damp cloth as needed. Five prints should be hung on the wall horizontally. It is better that these prints should be integrated into frames prepared.


  • Size: 11.81(W)* 15.75(H)in* 2 pieces

11.81(W)* 23.62(H)in* 2 pieces

11.81(W) * 31.50(H)in* 1 piece

12938968_1 (1)

White Lotus:

  • Thickness: 0.79in
  • Number of Pieces Included: 5
  • Material: Crafted of Canvas
  • Product Type: Non-Framed Wall Prints

Beddinginn’s Inspiration

Where is creative? It is in Beddinginn. There’s nothing we can’t do, only you can’t think of. Now if you tired of the style of your house, Beddinginn will bring you into a inspiration world. Creating art that has meaning can be hard work, especially if the artist is struggling to find inspiration and meaning in a complex world. But Beddinginn do all for your more beautiful life.
Monkeys help you to hold your telephone, And have different posture! Unique design decorative and useful, applies to all smartphones and tablet PC or other electronic device, such as iPad Mini, Pro, iPad Air, Samsung Tablet, Kindle E-reader. 
12926561_2 (1)
According to research, the size of the thumb of people who spend a lot of time with her cell phone could be 15 percent larger than the others, especially in the dominant hand is concerned. So the monkey cell phone holder is very useful for regularusers of cellphones in order to your health.
13005075_1 (1)
Pizza Pattern :
For me, I get inspired by being aware of the art world, because art inspires. The idea of creativity is wonderful: that a spark of inspiration can eventually bring something new and useful into the world, perhaps even something beautiful.
Our design inspiration comes from Nature & Bedding. Design of products is unique and fashionable, distinguished and elegant. We provides excellent tracking surface for your mouse.
13005068_2Red Lips Halloween Pattern Non Slip Rubber Mouse Pad

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